Talon Barbell Collar


Anti-Slide Technology* Prevents Movement When Engaged: Sliding weights are now a thing of the past 
Durable and Compact Design: Built to withstand the stresses of everyday lifting and weighs less than other collars 
Vibration-Proof: Our Patented design withstands the violent vibrations encountered when slammed on the ground.
Easy Release Technology: When removing the Talon™ Barbell Collar, the magnets easily separate, as the opposite polarities are exposed.


Simple Operation: Only 1lb of force required to start the removal process. 
Versatile Magnetic Storability: Stick em' on the weight rack or inner barbell while changing weights. 
Travel With Ease: Just put them back to back and take them anywhere. You'll never want to use any other collars again!


    *For use on Olympic Bars only

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